Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some bell hooks "therapy"...

Even though bell doesn't begin speaking until nearly the end of the first video, I included it because I thought the DR.'s (she IS in Texas - guess she wanted to make sure the white folk present didn't get shit twisted - you'll see what I mean when you listen) information on studying abroad in Ghana was important.

Sort of in the same vein, when you get a minute, check out this post that my Lil Sis over "At the Bar" wrote about kinfolk going back to Africa.  If it doesn't move you to action - it should at least make you think!

(A little sound problem from the :26 click to the 1:25 click - but do go past it.)

(Now here's a good example of those "multiple intentionalities" (from Slick Willy in Haiti) that bell talks about near the end of the above video - h/t The Haitian Blogger.  So, your blue helmets bring the damned cholera - infecting thousands upon thousands - and NOW, you plan on selling "cholera insurance," to already poor people, to supposedly protect them against the damned cholera you brought?!  SMMFH)

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