Monday, March 19, 2012

No Country for young, Black men...

Others have covered the murder of this child (herehere and most simply - here) wa-a-ay better than I possibly could right now because quite frankly, I am just speechless - especially after the FINAL release of the 911 tapes:


Again - WTH??!!

And I really believe that as long as Zimmerman stays free - this child, will be scared, as well as possibly, forever- scarred, as he sits in his little "gated community" (which appears to have gates for the sole purpose of keeping murderers in - instead of out):

Because I am just undone after listening to these videos - I will leave it to Mr. Baldwin to address the purposeful negligence  of the Sanford PD toward the Martin family in particular, and of police toward Black folk in general:

Let's just change that last bit to - "accessory to my murderer" in Trayvon's case there, Jimmy...*smdh as I wipe away tears*

UPDATE I -  Dr. Boyce: Trayvon Martin’s Death is Just the Tip of the Iceberg:
Getting involved in the Martin case is a good move for President Obama, especially during an election year. At a time when the administration is trying to catch up and apologize for paying very little attention to the black community, the Martin case gives the administration an opportunity to gain some much-needed black political points.(emphasis mine)

This man must've been trottin' around in my damned head!  Since he'd already been selected when Oscar Grant lost his life at the hands of BART cop, Johannes Mehserle - guess no Black political points were needed. Hmmm, wait a minute! The DOJ "investigated" that murder of a young, unarmed and hancuffed, Black man too! Anybody know the findings? Can't seem to put my hand on them right now.

What I do know is, Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter - and got two years (Lawd ha' mercy, our lives certainly aren't worth a plug nickel in this damned country!). He was released on parole in June 2011 - after only having served 11 months. {smmfh}

UPDATE II - Sanford Commission Votes “No Confidence” In Police Chief Lee

UPDATE III - Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief, Steps Down Temporarily Over Trayvon Martin:

Turner Clayton, head of the local NAACP, said he'd been meeting with city officials for more than a week, pushing for Lee's firing or resignation. He said that while Lee's temporary resignation is a good start, ultimately the community wants his permanent removal. "I'm elated that the chief decided to step aside and allow the city to heal," Clayton said, "But it will be a whole lot better if he just goes ahead and resigns permanently. This is just a temporary fix for right now, of course, we're looking for a permanent fix."

In dragging his feet, Clayton said, Bonaparte is putting his own political career in Sanford in jeopardy. While the police chief serves at the pleasure of the city manager, the manager serves at the pleasure of the city commission. "His stubbornness could cost him his job," Clayton said. (emphasis mine)

Now THIS is what I expect from a local NAACP Chapter!  Thank you, Mr. Clayton!  And, since Bonaparte tried playing a waiting game of "politricks" with his feet-draggin', thanks again - for reminding him that the game ain't over! Hats off to you, Sir!

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