Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The emperor definitely has no clothes

Just like in 2008 -- he had nothin' tonight.  Man, was it painfully obvious!  Definitely not a good look.

Democracy Now's,  "#ExpandTheDebate# with Jill Stein (Green Party) and Rocky Anderson (Justice Party) was kinda interesting.  Too bad they couldn't have been there in person to  check these two liars though.

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I love Bruce Dixon!  Ever since I started following him on Black Agenda Report, I've had little, if any disagreement with his point of view.  Here again, he's hit the nail on its proverbial head regarding both the Changeling and Romney during this non-debate -- they're definitely "more alike than they are different" (and the Changeling knows it, hence his dismal showing up, or rather, not showing up last night).

He's such a damned pawn of white supremacy.  He seems to forget -- they've been at this for far longer than he.  He let them tell him what to say, how to say it and to whom he should say it; they told him what to do, how to do it and to whom he should do it (most of them "Other"; all of them poorer than he is), for over four damned years -- all so he could have his undercover-megalomaniacal, yet fragile ego stroked. {smdh}.

And then, for good measure, they work him the hell over today, asking for example, in this NYT piece (yeah, The New York Times!  I don't care how they opened, or penned this piece -- they have hardly been the Changeling's BFF) -- why he didn't do, what they told him NOT to do!  Sure, they mentioned Mitt, but the Changeling was their target.  And puppet that he is, he deserves to be.

- The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice

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