Friday, December 14, 2012

No guilt this time: the Zionist, ethnic cleansing template, rubber-stamped by the West

I stumbled upon this documentary today and found the history lesson so clear and compelling, that I needed to repost it.  "The Zionist Story -- through the eyes of an Ex-Israeli Soldier," tells the powerful story of how a "European problem," led to land theft and the near erasure of the Palestinian people in Western Asia (fondly called the Middle East by those who prefer to geographically locate it in relation to Western Europe, rather than its actual position within Asia.)

And as BeelzObama the Changeling prepares for his second stroll to the throne in January, let us not forget that the road was paved with plenty of -- Palestinian blood, Israeli money and Americans, blinded by the "Audacity of Hope."

- Israel’'s Doomsday E-1 Settlement. Diabolical Encroachment to Prospective Palestinian State


Carolyn Moon said...

Thanks for this; for it is a story that should be told. This man was exceptionally courageous for exposing how he saw the conflict which is different from the standard line we are usually fed.

Like your sidebar featuring Nina Simone's Four Women sung by these talented women. They all are gifted and Jill is one of my favorites, however, Ledisi was definitely "Peaches" :-) In fact, it is a part of my video collection.

Also Sis Deb, I like that picture of you and your sons--"my "BoyZ" (I'm assuming) on the beach in Gambia. I've always wanted to visit with my daughters to the shores of Porto Novo. I doubt if that would happen for me but they are in a position to do so.

Deb said...

Hey Sis Carolyn! Your welcome and yes, it needs to be told -- over and over and over until the WORLD gets what's going on! But there's no danger of he mainstream media ever coin any more than the "standard line we are usually fed." smdh

You oughta like the sidebar -- I got it from you awhile back, only I had it posted in the, "Because Black History is Not Just About a Month..." section further down! :-D And yes, Ledisi is "Peaches" and, without being able to sing a lick -- so am I (or trying my damnedest to be in whatever time I have left!)!

Thanx and yes, they are my sons (youngest on he left, oldest on the right). That was their Christmas present last year. I was there already, since November, to help my friend from Germany (he was born in Curacao) with his Black History Center he built there. The container, with all his artifacts, documents, etc. was due in, and I thought he could use their help and they could use the education!! Way better than any American consumerism I could dredge up! They and their Dad met me there in December. So many photos and stories to share but I still haven't written about it yet and it's been a year! Life just kept happening, some good, some bad. I'll post a slideshow sometime soon.

"I've always wanted to visit with my daughters to the shores of Porto Novo. I doubt if that would happen for me but they are in a position to do so."

Yes, Cape Verde is a very rich part of our history and I would love to visit it, along with countless other places with which we can identify our history and heritage. I know I won't get to see them all (especially now), but I'll try to see as many as I can.

If your daughters are in a position to do so, then why can't you tag along? I sure would (and then probably go out on my own to see and do things, cuz I'm just that way)! :-D

Thanx for dropping in Sis. Carolyn -- come back anytime! Peace...

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