Thursday, December 13, 2012

“Non-member observer state” -- Palestine inches toward self-determination and human dignity

The fact that I'm not a particularly trusting soul (especially given the top, two "No" votes of the nine) and, that symbolism without substance means absolutely nothing to me -- I gotta say this is going to take some careful, mulling over:

Quicker than you could spit, one of Israel's favorite, lap-dogs had her two cents ready -- Clinton blasts 'unfortunate and counterproductive' U.N. Palestinian resolution:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted the United Nations General Assembly Thursday for voting to recognize Palestine as a nonmember state.

"I want to say a few words about the unfortunate and counterproductive resolution at the United Nations General Assembly," Clinton said at an event hosted by Foreign Policy magazine in Washington D.C...."it places further obstacles in the path of peace," Clinton said.

"We have been clear that only through direct negotiations between the parties can the Palestinians and the Israelis achieve the peace that they deserve," Clinton said. (emphasis mine)
Then came Susan Rice, with her, "Ditto" to Hilary's bullshit:

(Anybody else hearing strains of James and Bobby Purify's, "I'm Your Puppet?)

Seeking self-determination is a distraction?  This, from a Black woman, whose "people" (in quotes, because I'm not sure that's how either, she, or her boss see themselves) -- have been fighting for self-determination, ever since, they were brought to these, alleged united states?

Let's be clear -- from Durban, to Benghazi, to Palestine -- the string-pullers have trained both her, and the Changeling extremely well.  Rather than loyalty to any folk who look like them, their steps are undoubtedly ordered by their greed, self-loathing and megalomania (in no particular order).  I find absolutely nothing about either, of which I should be remotely proud.

I began this post on the night of the vote.  For some reason, I did not/could not finish it.  Then, lo and behold within three days, it turned out my suspicions about both of those top, two "No" votes were confirmed when I read this, US Pledges More Funds for Israeli Missile Defense and this -- Israel seizes $120m in Palestinian tax revenue over UN statehood vote:
Israel has seized more than $120m (£75m)in tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in response to last week's overwhelming vote at the UN general assembly to recognise the state of Palestine...

...The financial sanction is Israel's second punitive response to the vote. On Friday, it announced a big settlement expansion programme.

An Israeli official said Israel was entitled to deduct the sum from a debt of more than $200m (£125m) owed by the PA to the Israel Electric Corporation. But he conceded that the move was in response to the UN vote, and that it could be repeated next month. "A lot depends on what the Palestinians do or don't do," he said.
But, call it "God," "Allah," "Jehovah," or my, crisis-of-faith preferred,"Spirit" -- take your pick.  All I know is, I'm eternally grateful that the powers-that-be were stopped (this time), from further linking their greed and brutal inhumanity, especially in Africa -- to a damned  Black face by this:  Susan Rice withdraws for secretary of state.

Her current withdrawal saves me the long, drawn-out pondering as to why in the hell, Black folk supported her for the position in the first, damned place.  The CBC in general and the still-voteless-in-DC, Eleanor Holmes-Norton in particular, certainly ought to be ashamed for this exercise in symbolism madness. {smdh}

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