Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being on the "right" side of history and humanity matters to me...

I've followed Black Agenda Report for some time now.  The first reason?  Clear and critical thinking that has always confirmed for me that -- I was not alone.  Second?  That I wasn't losing my damned mind being against the Changeling and his ilk from the get-go.

Not saying I wasn't initially hoodwinked and bamboozled by the only viable"female" contender for a minute -- cuz I was (chalk that up to the fact that Cynthia McKinney, for whom I voted in 2008, was so Angry-Black-Woman-demonized, she didn't stand a chance and, to my having experienced more than my share of "long-legged Mac Daddies" (as my sister, Sugar used to call the Changeling back in the day -- Sugar, where in the hayell are you??) than the law allowed.

Look, I feel this mixed little boy's confusion, raised by his white mother's half of the family while not looking like them (let's not forget their connection to the Geithner family, m'kay?), with no connection to his African-ness other than his name and a Black wife, with South  Carolina, Gullah roots.  I even  get how having a white grandmama who clutched her purse and pearls when Black folk (who looked like him!) approached, would make him feel that being accepted, adored and written about by white America made him feel more important than being truly humane, like Dr. King (whom he channels whenever necessary), honest -- and Black.  I also get how he needed to feel powerful, important, relevant and most importantly, accepted in these alleged, united states -- by any means necessary (his only connection to Malcolm, please hear me).

But what I don't get is -- notwithstanding all of his "lookin' like us" shit  -- why WE don't, as young sister Lauryn sang,  "Rebel" against the Trojan Horse, megalomaniacal puppetry in which he indulges.

Not casting aside the many, critically thinking others in the following video, I have to say that Kali Akuno and Abayomi Azikiwe, both, have it exactly right in this great compilation of facts.  Family please -- do listen, and maybe learn a thing or two:

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