Sunday, October 13, 2013

My favorite homeless, homeless advocate, Eric Sheptock -- still on the job!

The year I met Eric Sheptock, I was working on my Masters in Journalism at Georgetown.  And though I withdrew after a year for personal reasons, the time I spent with Eric and his friends taught me way more than the Jesuits ever could.

I am so proud of his man!  He's smart, driven and committed to ensuring the homeless, who live in the shadow of the White House and Congress -- are treated with dignity and respect and, that they  receive equitable treatment in their search for some degree of agency in their own lives.

Listen, while he lays out the latest insult to that very agency and self-determination:

When I graduated from my Alabama HBCU, I moved to DC during the time that Mitch Snyder, the other homeless, homeless advocate, to whom Eric referred above, negotiated the CCNV deal (District residents were fighting "Taxation without Representation" then too!  Funny how nothing's changed but the faces of the struggle in 35 years right?).  I thought it odd then that, in our nation's capital, so many people were fighting just to have a decent place to stay.  I was young and dumb then.  I don't find it odd anymore.

Please go here if you believe there should be even a modicum of true change you can believe in and sign Eric's petition, Family.  Help DC's homeless population have a seat at the table in deciding their own fate. Remember, there but for the grace...

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